Gustavo Amaral

Brazilian, 1983

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Gustavo Amaral creates captivating collages by weaving, gluing, and sewing fragments of himself into paper, fabric, and other textures. Using his own photographs or images found in old magazines and books, the artist re-interprets and evokes emotions that are both personal and universal, exploring themes such as the human body, architecture and collective consciousness.

His use of collage and painting techniques is a means of re-signification of the past in favor of a co-creation of the present. His work explores our ambivalent relationship with the body; the habitat we choose to live in, furnish and the desires we cultivate by the way we design our lives.

Amaral's collages display a ‘universe of senses’ - a dialogue of a city, cut by buildings; a person, distracted by boredom and worldly desires; building and re-building a body of residence that the viewer needs to disentangle.

The artist currently lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.