Francesca Borgo


Self-taught artist Francesca Borgo is a former researcher in the field of cognitive neuroscience who transferred her interest in the functioning of the brain to her aesthetic research. Her abstract, dreamy landscapes are the result of a mix of materials - acrylic colours, gesso, and acrylic resins, mixed with sand - which not only enhance the visual experience but also enrich her work with subtle tactile and temporal dimensions. The artist’s aim is to play with the viewer’s perception of movement and time.

>Art gives me time. Time to feel connected to land, sky, water and to my own skin, story, meaning. My aesthetic research mainly focuses on our relationship to the environment and climate. It’s a reflection on mankind's need, as a species, to re-establish a long lost connection to earth.

The artist uses both dense and diluted colours – mainly earthy, natural tones – to shape nuanced and subtle effects, while with metallic pigments create light reflections. This technique allows her to bring depth and tension to the painting by generating contrasts: smooth vs. grainy, fine vs. coarse, matte vs. shiny, light vs. shadow, that together create a graceful balance. The coexistence of visual and sensory aspects is her way to invite the viewer to embrace not only the visual, but also tactile and temporal dimensions, to ‘play’ with the painting and, perhaps, to imagine what is not even there.

>My works don’t directly address man’s aggression towards the earth. They invite viewers to feel the calmness, the poetry, the inner balance that nature can bring to our lives. It’s about awakening individuals with a whisper and a glimpse of how we could feel and be.

Francesca Borgo frequently participates in London art fairs and works with Italian and international interior experts on residential and hospitality projects. Her works are part of private collections throughout the USA and the UK.