Fabio Zanino

Italian , 1978


Fabio Zanino investigates the details that bring us to the universal in an ongoing synecdoche. Like a magnifying glass, he captures elements from everyday life transforming them into images that stand alone in their aesthetics and meaning, elevating the marginal into the worthy.
By observing the effects of time on matter, the traces of human action and the processes of dissolution, Zanino isolates things from their original contexts. By assigning them a new dimension, he investigates the origins of abstract artistic inspiration.

"Decostruzioni" was born from this research. Word and form abandon their intended purpose and are turned into an aesthetic of becoming. “Do Not Enter,” “Danger” and other road or warning signs, are broken up into minimal units and compose themselves into sculpture, following the simple framework: objet trouvé – deconstruction – assemblage.

The work of subtraction reaches its essence by using cuts that, as the only gestural intervention, provide a new identity, a different order and alchemy. Estrangement, upon closer inspection, is the sense of a reality revealed.

Fabio Zanino lives and works in Turin, Italy.