Emil Öhlund

Swedish, 1985



Swedish artist Emil Öhlund studied at Örebro Art College. His impactful, vibrant work is inspired by memories and impressions of his childhood.

When he was young, all the characters from cartoons, toys, and video games felt alive to him. In his work, the artist strives to re-capture that exact feeling. Öhlund sees his art as a form of escapism, allowing himself and the viewer to travel to another dimension and escape the not-always-so-pleasant reality of daily life. Creating composition that juxtapose bright and playful colours, Öhlund wants to offer the viewer a portal into that secure and simpler world that is so important to him.

Emil Öhlund is represented in over 30 municipalities and regions in Sweden with over 100 artworks in private collections in Japan, USA, Europe, Mexico and more. The artist currently lives and works in Örebro, Sweden.