Elizabeth Candy

Italian, 1980



Elizabeth, that’s what she calls herself. A name without a surname. As we find ourselves in a time where it’s easy for the artist to become the focal point instead of the artwork, she has chosen to hide her identity so that her art can exist self-sufficiently.

Born in Italy, Elizabeth studied fashion in Milan, where her creative process often resulted in a combination of fashion and art. Her artistic research led to a preference for the use of candy: transforming simple commercial sweets into precious coloured pieces. A choice that appeals to the child in each of us.

Elizabeth often reinterprets contemporary icons in these brightly coloured confetti sweets, much like the artist Aldo Mondino did in the early eighties when he used chocolate, coffee and sticky candies to make his works. This way, the artist aims to extend and reinvent the tradition of the Pop Art movement by transforming commercial products into precious works of art. The artist’s mixing of techniques, materials and genres, as well as her re-invention of functional objects asks the viewer to re-think the familiar, to see things differently.

"Learn to see, not to look, to catch a smile, a happy memory, the importance of simple things like the pleasure of giving a little one a piece of candy and receiving a joyful expression in return. Let's go back to life!"  — Elizabeth Art Candy

Elizabeth’s work has been part of numerous national and international exhibitions and art fairs. One of her works is currently on view at the Usl Franciacorta-Chiari-Brescia. The artist lives and works in Italy.

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