Elias Izoli

Syrian, 1976


Syrian artist Elias Izoli's creative talents were recognized early on. At the mere age of seventeen, the self-taught painter was given a solo exhibition at the Russian Cultural Centre in Damascus.

With consummate draftsmanship, an exceptional command of colour, and a meticulous approach to capturing his subjects, Izoli’s compositions reinvent conventional portraiture. Drawing inspiration from the work of his predecessor, Louay Kayyali, the artist's works comment on the rise of the consumerist escapism that has desensitized our capacity for compassion and empathy. 

With a career that spans over two decades, Izoli investigates the subject of children caught in the crossfire of violence. The impact of the devastating Syrian war inspired the artist to create works that show a careful balance between intimacy and invasion. Izoli’s subjects seem to evoke a sense of intrusion while simultaneously building an empathetic connection with the viewer. The melancholic nature of his works, combined with a muted colour palette, invites us to step into the private spaces he creates. 

Elias Izoli's work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions at Ayyam Gallery in Beirut and Dubai. The artist currently lives and works Damascus, Syria.