German, 1983


DXTR started graffiti painting in 1999. After studying design at the University of applied sciences in Düsseldorf in 2005, he now works as an artist and illustrator. In 2011, he founded the art collective THE WEIRD, a group of 10 urban illustrators from across Europe that focusses on large scale murals. 

Having worked with clients such as Amnesty International, Disney, Nike, Nickelodeon, DXTR has exhibited in cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Detroit, Boston, Vienna, Roma and Shanghai. Translating his bold, vibrant style to wall and print, the artist distributes his fresh design-work to the world through all available channels.

"Featuring characters like jewel-eyed tigers, sunglasses-wearing sneaker dudes and candy-colored astro skulls, DXTR's work is wild yet wickedly clean."
- Juxtapoz Magazine

DXTR currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.