David Meran

Austrian, 1991

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David Meran is a visual artist, editor, and art educator with a degree from the University of Applied Arts Vienna. In 2016, he received a scholarship from Geidai - Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan and from 2017 to 2022 Meran was a local artist at the Kunstverein dasweissehaus.

Meran's work reflects a process of global political, economic, ecological, and social upheaval. On the internet, narratives on hyper-cultures are forming which in turn manifest themselves as artefacts and archaeological finds in his work, for example: plaster casts of plastic objects, iPhones as vanitas symbols or museum-like stagings of packaging materials and fitness objects. These objects represent a counter-narrative to the narrative of screens, manifesting in a sculptural form with art-conform aesthetics, and thus giving shape to a fictional culture.

As a result of the neoliberal pressure to optimise, certain rational collectivism, and egocentric ways of seeing and acting are being developed, revolving around the concepts of "mindfulness" and "wholeness". Nevertheless, the artist shows that we are inescapably part of a social network. Meran's artistic work explores the fragility, tension, balance, and dissonance within these networks of states, processes, and places in which we live.

The artist's multidisciplinary practice encompasses the use of diverse artistic tools and multiple media perspectives. David Meran currently lives and works in Vienna.