Danielle Rovetti

South African

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Only in 2016, after having spent 20 years as a graphic designer and creative director in the corporate branding space, did Danielle Rovetti shift her focus to visual art. Working across media to include concrete, oils, raw canvas and resin, her pieces often blur the boundary between painting and sculpture.

In her Palette Paintings, Rovetti applies thick strokes of meticulously selected and mixed oil colours to create a mesmerising visual effect. In doing so, she investigates our multi-layered reality through a form of textural expression that invites the viewer to experience the work viscerally and to look beyond the initial surface. As in life, there is meaning to be found in observing the whole from a distance, but this significance is enriched when stepping close and becoming aware of the multitude of layers that constitute the whole.

"Life is not straightforward and flat, and neither is my work. People have layers, and so do my pieces. Things are not always what they seem on the surface. One should always look deeper and not just accept the initial perception at face value."

Danielle Rovetti currently lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa.

There are currently no artworks by Danielle Rovetti.