Daniel A. du Preez

South African, 1973



Daniel A. du Preez has been drawn to art from an early age as a tool for expressing his rather calm and quiet personality. In his artistic practice, he experiments with paper cuttings in various shapes, sizes, and materials to create captivating worlds of colour. His subjects are often recognizable, yet are given an elusive twist.

The artist finds inspiration in life, love, nature, politics, current events, and a personal fascination with space and the cosmos. Paper is his preferred medium, but he also enjoys experimenting with paint to create brightly coloured and heavily textured artworks

His artwork is based on the belief that every one of us creates ripples in space and time - just like water droplets falling into a pond create ripples that grow, collide, and then bounce back in an almost never-ending sequence.

Daniel A. du Preez currently lives and works in South Africa.  

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