Burcu Panahi

Turkish, 1990



Burcu Panahi was born in 1990 in Istanbul, Turkey into an art loving family. She has been drawing and painting for most of her life. After her graduation in Cinema and Tv from university of Cumhuriyet in 2012, the artist started working in the production of movies and tv series. It was only in the summer of 2019, that she finally decided to fully devote herself to painting, quitting her job as a full-time producer.

Women movements, freedom of speech, human rights, gender equality, and a pure love for human beings are her sources of inspiration. Distorted faces and figures represent the artist's objections to the current societal situation. She believes that the emotions behind each brush stroke pass through the artwork and bring artist and art lover together.

Panahi uses different painting techniques from oil or acrylics on canvas to mixed media. Yet her personal ambition to live a colourful life is projected onto each and every one of her works.

The artist currently lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey.