Björn Bauer


German artist Björn Bauer creates powerful abstract paintings that are the result of an endless process of experimentation. Rarely does he use the same technique twice, but rather does he like to take the viewer on a journey of exploration of his medium.

"I paint hoping to produce images I haven’t seen before, but also to engage my eye, imagination, and emotions. I rarely start painting with an agenda. Any sort of meaning usually comes to me after I’ve completed the design to my satisfaction. When I title a piece, I try to hint at what the painting reminds me of, or what sort of feeling it evokes in me. However, when you look at my work, I’m just as interested in what meanings or associations you might draw from the experience."

The artist prefers to leave his works open to interpretation in the hope to provide a much needed spark for discussion, to start a conversation and deepen a sense of community.

"A painting can illuminate how differently each of us sees the world around us, or how much we have in common."

Björn Bauer currently lives and works in Munich, Germany.

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