Avazeh Hashemloo

Swedish, 1980


Avazeh Hashemloo is a Swedish-Iranian artist with a background in science. Born
1980 in Tehran, Iran, she holds a PhD degree in theoretical physics from Umeå
University in the northern part of Sweden.

As an artist with a background in science, her works are mainly inspired by
geometrical shapes and also mathematical graphs, which describe and depict
abstract phenomena in Quantum Physics. In her works, she explores how lines and
curves interact with each other in order to create new geometries and shapes. 

“Through my art, I study the relation between individuality and universality. I want to
show how different pieces, that have their own shape and color, can, as individual
species, come together to form a unified and harmonic composition without losing
their essence and identity."

Choice of colours is an important aspect of Avazeh's creations. She believes that
colours can elevate the whole dimension of artwork by creating contrasts between
different sections. In most of her works, she uses different shades of a specific colour
in order to give a composition a multi-layered or multi-dimensional impression.

The artist currently lives and works in Umeå, Sweden.