Anthia Loizou

Greek , 1975

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Award winning artist Anthia Loizou graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2020 and is currently studying abstract painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In her artistic practice, Loizou gives material form to ideas centering around the relationship of mind and body. She investigates how memory, social constructions and heritage affect individual perception.

Often, the artist uses earlier works as the base material for a new pieces with different form and dimension. She, for example, takes elements of an art installation and makes them part of a two-dimensional collage. Or she connects fragments of various paintings to create a three-dimensional sculpture. 

A material that Loizou is especially drawn to is adhesive tape - particularly when applied to a stretched-like-a-drum transparent paper surface. The fragility of the paper balances the aggressive durability of the tape. By layering different semi-transparent colored tapes the artist creates a new, highly individual colour palette.

Anthia Loizou was awarded the Ethniki Asfalistiki Art Award (2017), IKY Prize (2011) and IKY Scholarship (2012). Her works can be found in both institutional and private collections.

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