Angela Susini

Italian, 1978



Born in Florence, Angela Susini has been passionate about art and drawing from a very early age on. When she was only 10 years old, she illustrated her first book. She then went on to win a scholarship and graduated in fine art restoration and conservation of Cultural Heritage from the prestigious Opificio Delle Pietre Dure in Florence. After graduation, she worked in restoration as well as interior design.

Despite growing up surrounded by Renaissance art, Susini has a deep love for abstract and contemporary art. Over the years, she has lived in Florence, Japan, and Paris, until finally moving to London and Brighton & Hove, where she is currently based. Each of these different places she resided has provided her with its own individual inspiration which now finds its way into her work.

Working with colours and shapes rendered in a gouache technique, the artist aims to convey a sense of inclusion and unity. Skin toned glazes and a soft neutral palette are her tools to share a message of solidarity at a time when acceptance of diversity is fundamental.

Her artistic process is one of observation. The artist often makes use of photography to capture something that catches her eye. Back in her studio, she then creates an individual colour palette and starts the sketching process on paper before moving on to one of her handmade canvases. Susini's artistic process is a continuous intuitive evolution until she is finally satisfied with the result.

Lately, the artist has been working on a collection of abstract paintings on paper and experimenting with heavy body paints to be able to create more three-dimensional pieces. Angela Susini currently lives and works in Brighton, UK.