Amy Kim

South Korean



Amy Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to Melbourne in 2000 to study fine art at the Victorian College of Arts. The artist has worked across a range of creative industries including theatre design, art directing, interior decoration, graphic design, and teaching.

Depicting organic matter through idiosyncratic means, Amy Kim’s work integrates the real with the surreal. By merging interlocking geometric shapes and a bold, tenacious use of colour, the artist re-interprets figures, faces, scenes and settings in a highly individual manner.

While her work is primarily abstract in form, its meaning is not. Through her practice, the artist observes and examines life’s inequalities and the multidimensional conditions of being. Kim's concepts stem from daily life experiences, posing an opportunity for observation, reflection, and emotional response.

Finding the perfect, congruous blend of constructivism, fauvism, expressionism and surrealism, her work pays homage to the commonalities that exist between these groundbreaking styles. 

The artist currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.