Amanda Johnstone

Australian, 1985

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Australian artist Amanda Johnstone has a background in fashion and design. She has degrees in both fashion design and makeup artistry, and has, throughout her career, known a strong focus on fashion and film.

Today, her artworks are inspired by the finer things in life: from high-end designers to  fashion icons. They showcase a blend of rich colours, striking landscapes, evocative textures, and precious materials. Uniting her passions for interior design, photography and contemporary art, Johnstone's original pieces are crafted with both digital tools and traditional collage methods. The artist skillfully embellishes her pieces with 24k gold leaf, silver leaf, oil sticks, acrylic paints, or charcoal to create one of a kind originals. The final results are multi-dimensional creations that will truly elevate any living space.

Each piece is designed to celebrate and hero the power of femininity by bringing together both personal and universal passions and desires that find their expression in feminine nudes or luxury fashion.

In addition to her bustling artistic career Amanda Johnstone is also a partner in an International Italian furniture, lighting and art showroom. The artist currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.


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