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Elias Izoli

Untitled IV

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  • Amazing

    Seamless shipping process, amazing customer service, quality art and transparent pricing. so happy with my purchase! This was the perfect service to purchase my first REAL piece of art from. If it weren’t for this website, I probably never would have found the artist, let alone even purchase a sculpture. As an artist myself, I am very happy to see that there is a company that not only increases visibility for young up-and-coming artists but offers the ease of purchasing and shipping that I’ve never seen before.

    Jade Waterman

  • Great experience and beautiful artwork

    I ordered an artwork on Return on Art after seeing it advertised on Instagram and I am very please with the whole experience. I was able to get access to a “Private View” on their site and was offered free shipping. The artwork was shipped by the artist from the UK and arrived after a week, it was VERY carefully wrapped (it was framed in glass so I was worried about damage during shipping) and well handled (DHL), and I got a separate parcel from Return on Art containing a welcome box with the Certificate of Authenticity and a pair of art-handling gloves. All-in-all very happy with the whole purchasing experience!


  • Excellent Communication

    Excellent communication, great artwork, not sure what else I can say really but have since bought some more artwork of another artist from them so they must be good to deal with!!!

    Mrs Wanless